Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. I am SO glad it's the weekend. HAPPY EASTER! This post might be a bit random, so I apologize in advance for that! :)

  • My knee has been getting a little stronger each day. I am off crutches and I have physical therapy 3 times a week for the next month. I am still having a hard time straightening it, but an even harder time bending it. I hope that each day it gets a little bit better.

  • We have MAP testing next week. So 4 days of complete stress and trying to get the kids relaxed enough to not freak out and actually think and do their best. For those who don't know what the MAP's the Missouri Assessment Test and it stinks! I don't know anyone who likes it. The hardest part I have with it have some students who are no where near 4th grade reading level, yet, they are expected to take this 4th grade test! How are they supposed to read that if they can't????? Even those who have IEP's are still expected to take the same test. It makes no sense to me. If the state people want to see where these kids are REALLY at academically, give them a test on their level. Geez....

  • We also celebrated today the kids that participated in the Pizza Hut Book it program. We have been doing this since October. The students did not have to participate. ALl they had to do was read 400 minutes a month. Which, their homework is reading 20 minutes a night plus other things, so they are getting at least the 400 minutes. Anyway, those students who chose to participate and turn their signed sheet in, were treated today to a Pizza Hut lunch. Those who participated were super excited because they were not told (Oct.-March) that I would do this for them. I wanted to see who would actually read on their own without an incentive. :) My gripe about this long drawn out post so far is this:

I had 14 students (out of 24) choose to I called Pizza Hut and asked how many pizzas they thought I should get for 15 total people. I wanted to have enough for everyone to get at least 2, maybe even 3. They told me 5 large pizzas, which I bought, and they even gave me a deal. The total..... $54 (+ 6) for a tip = $60. My kids were excited, eating and talking. The next thing I know, one of the students (who apparently wanted more then 3 slices) said that this was a RIP OFF because he didn't get enough pizza. I was SHOCKED!!!!! Out of the kindness of my heart I bought these kids pizza, soda and bragged to the rest of the class about going above and beyond their "work". One of the other students in my class said "_____, that wasn't very should be grateful for what you get." I calmly told this boy..."I am so sorry that you only get 3 pieces. I spent $60 for something that I thought you would all enjoy. I know all of you can eat more then this, so if you would like more pizza....then you need to tell your parents that this weekend so you can get some more and be happy. ANYWAY....I was just so MAD for this ungrateful little boy and his huge appetite. I wanted to be really mean and sarcastic....but I held back. At least the other students realized that he was RUDE! :) Thanks for listening to me vent about that! Ha!

  • I hope everyone has a great Easter with family! Gotta go.... :)