Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Alex!!

It is hard to believe that this happy little guy is 2!

Dear Alex,
 We are all so in love with you! You and Evan are two peas in a pod and your daddy and I love watching the two of you grow up. You can almost finally say his name! You love to be outside and when it is time to come in you throw the biggest fit. :)  I can't believe you will be starting preschool on Monday. You will have a ton of fun and you get to go with Evan for a few more weeks until school is out for summer. Eating is one of your favorites and you are obsessed with milk!
Alex, you are such a joy and we love you very much!!!! Here's to another great year...
Mommy, Daddy, Evan and Jack

Here is his birth story

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