Saturday, September 7, 2013


  • It's 1:28 and besides Parenthood playing in the background, my house is quiet...Both boys are resting or sleeping.
  • This morning I took Alex to a few teacher garage sales and got a few books for them and an ABC water crab game. And a coffee ;)
  • I took a quick nap when I got back while Mike played with the boys
  • We went to Kohls to get a gift for a birthday party this afternoon
  • Drove by the fans at Mizzou waiting for the game to start
  • Met with a friend so she could try some oils to see if they help her and her kids with their allergies.
  • Cleaned the kitchen from lunch
  • Listened to Alex cry for 20 minutes before finally falling asleep.
  • Heading to a birthday party around 3
  • Loving this silence :)