Thursday, August 1, 2013

Essential Oils...Young Living...I'm LOVING them!

This might be a long read, but I promise is SO helpful and informative :)

A few months ago I decided to jump in and try these oils that a few friends were talking about.
 I did a lot of reading about the kinds of oils that are on the market because I knew nothing of this stuff and I did some price checks. Young Living is the company that I started using because of the price, the therapeutic grade (which means they have no additional chemicals or additives and they're safe to ingest) and the reputation of the organization.

 I was so sick of giving my boys medicine for something or another.
Medicine for allergies, stomachaches, fevers, bug bites, eczema and dry skin, and the list goes on and on and on.

I was tired of spending money on medicine that did not work. So...I tried another type of the same medicine....usually that didn't work either.

Money going down the drain from medicines that weren't working or helping the boys (or us). Medicine that all listed some sort of side effects from using them.

I knew I wanted to try
Lavender for scrapes, burns, allergies, headaches and pretty much anything you can imagine.
Peppermint for digestive issues, congestion and headaches.
Lemon for cleaning and detox.
Thieves for when we are sick or feeling like we might get sick (I now use Thieves whenever we go somewhere out of the house).
Peace and Calming for bedtime issues with the boys

So I ordered the Everyday Oils kit so that I could try some of the other oils as well (like Panaway and Frankincense that are pricey outside of the kit and they're included) and I ordered a diffuser. The total of the oils separately in the 15ml size is $407.24 and the kit was only $150, so yea, it was a no-brainer for me.

 When I ordered my everyday oils kit, I signed up as a member at Young Living so I could get the discount on my oils (Here's some info on what becoming a member means). I am more than happy to pass that discount onto you if you just want to try out a few oils! Let me know if you have questions. There is a ton of amazing information over at our blog

Look, I'm not trying to sell anything to anyone. PERIOD. If this sounds like a bunch of BS to you, great, no prob. I thought it was too, at first.
However, if you want to try the everyday oils kit  here's info on how to do that. My member is #1423528. Bonus: The Everyday Oils kit comes with a FREE (98$) diffuser, samples and a Stress Away roll on.

I'm telling you, this could change your life and this time, I'm not just saying that for dramatic effect. It could actually change your life, especially if you're living in pain, with symptoms, are feeling depressed, are take medications right now or you love someone that is

Have questions? Ask away. Have a symptom? Let's research it. I have a facebook group dedicated to this, so come join us, just let me know.

 I signed up for autoship, which is amazing. It is a way to save you money. Essential Rewards is the "autoship" program from Young Living. Let's face it, the term "autoship" FREAKS people out. It does me at least.  I personally knew after using these oils that I would be ordering a minimum of 50PV ($50) a month. This is a new "way of life" for my family. I'm trying not to run to Motrin, Tylenol, Nyquil, Robitussin, Ambien, the list goes on and on, for every little thing my family faces. With that being said, I KNEW I wanted to invest in oils and learn what works best for my family. I knew there were going to be some oils that I NEVER wanted to be without (lemon, thieves, peppermint) for me $50 a month I knew I would do. I'm okay with cutting out a new outfit or eating out one less time to work on this baby step with my family. I really did look at it as an investment. When you sign up for ER (Essential Rewards) you get a cheaper shipping rate, AND you earn credits for free oils. That sold me right there.

Once you are an ER member, there is NO obligation to STAY an ER member. You aren't signing your life away for a year. You aren't going to have to pay a fee for "dropping out"...if you want to quit ER, you quit ER, no questions asked. That made me feel A LOT better.  Another thing I like about ER is that you can change your ship date each month. If you want it to ship on the 15th one month and the 29th the next, you just change it.You can also change the oils you order each month. It doesn't always have to be oils can be their lotions, cleaning supplies, etc. LOVE that!

Here is a video post on how to use your oils :)

 Go ahead and read this post from my friend, Lindsay, who wrote a blog post about trying the oils with her and her family...After reading her post I decided to jump in with both feet. Initially I wanted to "do the business" as a way to get my oils paid for each month. I was using Peace and Calming every night, as well as Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint for allergies/weight loss. The more I started talking about it...the more people were interested.

In April I signed 2 people who wanted to try the kit. I had 7 total members on my "team". My check that first month was $112. That almost paid for my kit!  In May, I sold 4 more kits and now had 9 paycheck for May was almost $250! That definitely paid for my oils for that month and let me try a few more new ones!

In June I now had a total of 15 member and sold 3 more kits that month. My paycheck again was almost $250! I was SO thankful this opportunity came to I can use a natural way to help our family and have extra money each month. This past month was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped from 18 people on my team, to 42!!!! I sold 18 Premium Kits and my paycheck for this month is going to be over $1,000!!!! I will be able to pay off my Target Credit card which my hubby is ECSTATIC about! ;)

I never expected just by talking about the oils and seeing how they could help other people would be a great side job....but it TRULY is! I get to help people and help our family financially!
 Want to jump in and try these oils to help your family? Want to make some extra money each month? I'd be happy to help! Click here for more information :)