Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Recap

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1) What I was reading: The Chance and also started reading Gone Girl
2) Top three songs I was drawn to: 

3) Movies I saw: We are the Millers, 42, Admission, and Mud

4) Favorite TV moments of the month: none really...was too busy getting ready for school to start.

5) Something I made: cupcakes for Mike's birthday, a new schedule, lunches...

6) Restaurants where I ate: McAllisters and Flat Branch

7) Something I am thankful for: boys are doing well in preschool

8) A goal I had for this month: to try and get in a schedule for our house and for my students

9) I started the month looking forward to: meeting my new students, Mike's birthday and Evan started school where I work

10) A disappointment this month: not going on any dates with Mike or having a big birthday event planned for Mike since he had to work the Mizzou Football game...

11)Something that really made me smile:  listening to Evan and Alex play together and make up stories

12) Something I really want to remember about this month: Evan being excited to go to preK at my school and making sure Alex was doing okay at his preschool without him. I want to remember Alex giving lots of hugs and big cheesy grins...I also want to remember this...