Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm still in awe that March is already here! We have had some more snow and I can definitely say that I am ready for spring. Ready for green grass, playing outside, BBQ's, more walking and bike riding, and lots of sunshine! These grey, snowy days can leave at anytime! :)

This will be a busy week again...Mike is working Tuesday-Saturday night. I am at a conference/training on Thursday and Friday this week and getting ready for some St. Patrick's day activities with the boys and my grandma and dad's birthdays.

Evan started soccer last weekend...he definitely liked running around and not listening to the coaches. We'll see how this week goes :)

Alex is in LOVE with Bubble Guppies. Seriously...it is so funny listening to him try to say the show name. He is in awe of the characters. :)

Yes, I was at it again. This time I made a double set of these for a co-worker and her sons. I think they turned out so cute :)

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!