Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...

Brain is on overload so enjoy the random 10 thoughts :)

  1. Still in disbelief that October is less than a week away...and also not liking the fact that it is dark at 7pm and still dark when I get up
  2. Our weekends are booked for the next 6 weeks straight...with mostly football (not really fun since Mike has to work all of the games) but excited for sweaters and jeans :)
  3. The good news is that friends are coming in town for one of those games!!
  4. Excited for fall TV. Parenthood, Law and Order SVU, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, The Middle, Revenge, Modern Family and  Biggest Loser
  5. Need to send out birthday gifts to my niece and nephew. Can't believe they are going to be 8 and 3!
  6. Rearranged our bedroom...still hoping to paint :)
  7. ugh...potty training
  8. Have started Christmas gift planning...hoping to make most of the boys gifts this year
  9. Taking pictures for a 40th high school reunion this Thursday, Friday and Saturday  night. Should be a great time!!
  10. These two crack me up :)
                 "Hey brother"

            "Mom, Alex is crying"

             "Here Alex, here is some grass"

                            "Try it"

                           "Yum...grass is good"

                                    "Mom...look. Alex stopped crying"

                        "It's okay Alex"