Saturday, September 29, 2012


Currently I am

 listening to: Jack snoring and laundry being washed

eating: just had some soup...was sent home early from work Friday with a fever. Spent all day yesterday in bed or on the couch.

drinking: water

wearing: tshirt and workout pants

feeling: a little sad...missing my 3 boys who are in Branson for the weekend. This is Mike's only weekend off until the middle of December. With his new schedule he isn't off on weekends anymore.

watching: The Notebook and the leaves fall from our tree outside

thinking:of the projects that are on my to do list to complete today and tomorrow while I have an empty house.

enjoying:  A quiet house and not feeling so sick today...

reading:Unfortunately, nothing at the moment... :( Anyone have any new recommendations?

praying: that I feel better soon and that we hear some good news on a couple of things :)

looking forward to: Evan, Alex and Mike getting home