Saturday, September 1, 2012

Date 8 of 12

So glad we have made this a priority this year.
Here's our past dates...

It's always fun to get out and have some time together without the kids...don't get me wrong, we miss them...but it is great to have some conversations without interruptions every 2.3 seconds.

For our August month, we actually had 2 dates! :)

The first one was in St. Louis. We went out to dinner and then saw Total Recall. Dinner and the movie were fantastic. TGI Fridays was also the place where I used to work, so it was fun being back there and seeing a friend who I used to work with too!

The second one was for Mike's birthday, which is Aug. 31st!
Last  night we headed out for dinner and drinks with a few other friends who were celebrating a birthday and the 1 year anniversary of their new preschool (also happens to be where Evan goes to preschool too ;)
We enjoyed some hilarious conversations and took a few trips down memory lane since Mike went to high school with some of our friends. We had a great time celebrating!! :)

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