Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello edition.

Hello to a weekend full of soccer.

Hello to my college friend/teammate at FIU, Ifeoma Dieke. Unfortunately she injured her knee in the game against Cameroon. She tore her ACL, partial tear of lateral meniscus, and strained her LCL. Long recovery ahead :( We are all SO proud of her though! I'll still be cheering on Team GB and Team USA!

 Hello to snacks and a shade tree.

 Hello to lunch at Shakespeare's Pizza.

Hello to friends. 

 Hello to cheering on their daddy. 

Hello to  #18

Hello to Spiderman games on phones.

Hello to Superhero friends.

Hello to relaxing.
 Hello to Ipads.

 Hello to hugs.
 Hello to rolling down hills.
 Hello to Bronze.

 Hello to college friends/teammates playing soccer again and getting our families together.