Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project Life...weeks 5-15!

Yes, I have been keeping up with Project Life...but just haven't posted here. I'm not sure I am going to continue posting each of our weeks from now on though. I still love this project...and yes, there are a TON of other people doing the same thing. I do like that I am making it easy on myself to jot down notes and information about our week with pictures without adding any of the other "stuff". Just some words and pictures and I like it like that. Anyway, just wanted to share!

Jan. 29-Feb. 4

 Feb. 5-11th

Feb. 12-18th

Feb. 19-25th

Feb. 26th-March 3rd

March 4-10th

March 11-17th

 March 18-24th

March 25-31st

April 1-7th (Still working on getting the writing added to the blank spots!)

April 8-14th (Ditto on adding writing!)