Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friday in Branson...

We spent almost all day Friday at Silver Dollar City. The weather was gorgeous and there was hardly a crowd at all. It was so nice! Enjoy the pics...

Love this face :) It's his "noooo" face!
1st thing was the train ride. He was so excited to give them money and get "robbed"

Alex had a blast too!
Taking a snooze while big brother rides the rides...
This was my favorite part of the whole day. Evan was too short last time we came (back in August) so this time he was able to go on all of the kid rides. We rode the roller coaster at least 10 times. Every time he would scream in happiness and raise those hands. It was so cute listening to him giggle and laugh and scream in excitement.

1st time on the swings...

This was a great area in the park...shooting nerf balls at other people! :)

Rib-bit, rib-bit
Lynne rode by herself :)
Mike didn't want to ride at all! :)
Daddy rode the roller coaster too

This was the underground mine ride and (here's a youtube video I found) that shows what it is like...All 6 of us rode in the same boat and everyone had fun trying to shoot to get points. Well, we were floating into the mine and I look up and Alex knocks my sunglasses ($300 prescription sunglasses mind you) into the water! I was in shock. I look back and my heart sinks. We get done with the ride and I tell Mike that he isn't going to like me and that I lost my sunglasses. He asks the worker if he can look at the entrance and we actually saw them still sitting there (in about 2.5 feet of water with a current) Not sure how they didn't get swept along...Mike uses a claw thingy that they had there and actually got them! Woohoo! :) So thankful that I didn't have to buy new glasses. The next time we rode the ride I made sure to put them in my bag for safekeeping!