Monday, January 23, 2012


  • Took both boys to doctor for follow up with pink eye. They both still have it and Alex actually has a double ear infection too. No wonder his sleep has been so bad this past week. Crazy to think I didn't know...he wasn't pulling at his ears, no fever, etc. of the year :(  We had to hold Evan down so they could check his ears/take wax out. He got so worked up he threw up...poor guy. In the end he was happy because the doc brought him a popsicle. Hoping these boys are healthy soon!

  • If you could say a prayer for my mom...she had a biopsy done on her skin today to see if it is skin cancer. Any and all prayers appreciated and welcomed...thank you. 

  •  Right now I need to continue weeding out my scrapbook supplies to get rid of things. I have so much stuff and I'm definitely in the cleaning and purging mood.

  •  Watching the Bachelor...seriously...why do I get sucked in Every.Single.Time! :) I can't stop. 

  • That is it for now....thank you for the prayers for my mom....
 Superman 1 and 2 to the rescue :)


Tamara said...

me, too, girl. what a WASTE of time to watch this season of the bachelor. And to be honest, if it wasn't for Courtney...and how did SHE ever become a MODEL?"????...I'd probably not be watching at all. C'mon, skinny dipping? she is such a lame-o!!!!!! but i'm hooked, too