Saturday, January 21, 2012


  • Our Saturday started off with both boys sleeping in until 7:30. Awesome! After another rough night for Alex (up from 2-4:30) having them both sleep in was great. Even better was Mike got up with both boys and let me sleep in until 8:30. Man, I love him :)
  • Evan did wake up with both eyes crusted shut from pink eye. Having to hold him down to get drops in with him saying over and over "I'm done. I do not like. I'm done" is heart breaking. Hoping that it doesn't last too long. Alex still has it as well but at least it is only in 1 eye now.
  • Laundry is started for the of our little tricks is to just have a laundry basket for each boy and to do a separate load for just their stuff. It makes it easier for putting away instead of having to sort it all out. Now, if I could just remember to do that all the time, that would help! I often find myself just throwing both of their pajamas into the same hamper, etc. It's easier in that moment, but I'm kicking myself later when I go to do the laundry, sort and put it away in their dressers.
  • Laundry was also started because Evan decided to throw up all over the living room this morning. Poor guy! We had to take off his clothes, Alex's clothes (because he was practically sitting underneath him) and the cover to his "Evan" chair. Hoping it's not more than just an overfull tummy.
  • So much for a relaxing morning at home! :)
  • As I was rocking Alex and getting him ready for his morning nap, I was sitting and thinking about how fast time goes by. I often get annoyed by having to again get up in the middle of the night or go back and rock him or something....but really. It's not bad. I am going to miss those moments. It seems like it was yesterday that I brought Alex home and he was this little bitty, he's almost 9 months old! Next thing I know he'll be in his own big boy bed and not wanting to be rocked at all (like Evan now). So...instead of getting upset, I rock a little longer, sing another song, whisper in his ear, stroke his hair/cheek, and hug him a little longer. Not getting enough sleep is okay right now because in the long run I'll miss those tender moments with just me and my son (even if he is thrashing and screaming ;) at me!). It also helps to have a hubby who will let me sleep in too!
  • Right now, Alex is sleeping, laundry is going, I am sitting at the kitchen table with a nice, hot cup of coffee, and Evan is playing cars with Mike and they are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Seriously...even though the dishes are clean and need to be put away and the floor needs to be swept, I love my life. At this very moment...just us.