Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life...week 4

Last week's project life :)

1. Top left: Alex playing with his toys and getting a big ol' grin because Evan is saying "baby Agex" over and over.
2. Top right: Evan's preschool report :)
3. Middle row: Alex reading, the boys and their superhero shirts, and enjoying the first sled ride of the winter
4. Bottom row: Evan loved pulling Alex in the snow and on the write, a note about prayers for my mom while we wait for the results from the biopsy to see if it is cancer (and we are still waiting...so still appreciate the prayers)

1. Top row: Mike's letter from Mizzou accepting him into the PhD program! Way to go Mike!!!!!!! and also Alex working on his pincher grasp...still trying to get those thumbs to work :)
2. Middle row: A few of my facebook status's from this week, playing downstairs, Evan pointing and saying "This is Superman", and Mike and Evan watching a show before E's bedtime
3. Bottom row: A sweet letter from Mike's grandma Laughlin thanking us for coming up to her birthday party. it was so sweet and loved what she wrote. :)