Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life...week 3

This is basically just for my record and memory, so feel free to skip if you're not interested! :)

 1. Top Left: My Saturday ramblings post...just printed out with smaller font
2. Middle Left: Overheard at bedtime one night...Evan said he was Batman and not Evan :)
    This look was mostly on Alex's face this week. Poor guy and his teeth. Was so overtired and cranky and up at least 2.5 hours each night crying...
3. Bottom Left: Up early enough to see the sunrise
4. Top Right: Iowa weekend
5. Middle Right: A few random notes and a picture of Evan and his Lion hat he made at school
6. Bottom Right: Woohoo! Alex's 1st tooth

1.  Top Left: Iowa Pic
2. Middle Left: B Warm pic from a new toy of the boys...fitting considering how cold it was this week. Also a picture on his Christmas gift from the Morrison's...he drew a picture of himself and said "Hey look mom...this is a picture of me."
3. Bottom Left: Donuts with dads/grandpas note
4. Top Right: Swimming picture in their Superhero swim trunks
5. Middle Right: Our fantastic babysitter Erica with the pink eyed boys :)
6. Bottom Right: Donuts with dads/grandpas