Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Life week 2

Week 2 and still love getting little snippets of our week down! :)

*  Mommy got new shoes (with Christmas gift cards) to start slowly training for a duathlon and Evan got new "Flash" shoes...he says he's fast in them and runs every time we go somewhere in them. :)
* Took a self-timer shot during dinner one night. I actually made a few new recipes this week and Evan even ate some of them! Alex is starting to eat more finger least putting them in his mouth now. Eating...not so much. We're getting there!
* Evan got a haircut from Mike. Let's just say if you were anywhere within a ten mile vicinity of our house, we were not harming our child...just cutting his hair. Seriously he screamed, I was holding his hands down, Alex was sitting on the floor rolling/crawling into walls/door frames and screaming too. It was a fun night I tell ya ;)
* Evan's artwork from Tigerside
* Love that Alex has his tongue out of his mouth and is so focused on flying Buzz :)
* Mike's brother, Dave, turned 30 this week
* Alex is still getting over pink eye and had a flu shot this week...we have a new, stronger medicine, so hoping it works
* One of Evan's daily notes from school. This particular day he did a great job tracing his name and saying all of his numbers

* I copied and printed out Alex's 8 month letter for this week as well as his 8 month picture
* I still have two spots left for is going to be Evan telling Mike in the car ride home (just those two were in the car) and that Evan wanted Daddy to call Mommy because I work with Santa and that he wanted to say hi to him. The second thing is jotting down notes from our dinner out at TGI Fridays. We had the best, most peaceful dinner as a family of 4....out in public. It was awesome!
* I took a picture of the road from our 1st snow day (school was canceled)
* Evan and Mike watching old school Batman, Superman, and Spider-man videos on YouTube.
* Breakfast one morning...Evan was pretending to be Spider-man and has his arms out shooting the spiderweb web and Alex is trying to eat a cracker and watching in awe at his brother :)
* New Green Lantern car (from Target), Spider-man socks and Batman fruit snacks :)