Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life week 1

Well, I'm so excited to say that I've completed week 1 of Project Life! :)
I think I am going to like this...getting our yearly scrapbook done, but also making sure to add more notes and tidbits along the way. (Note to Self: find photoshop cd and reinstall on computer...)

Here's my cover page

 Week 1:
January 1-7
 One of Evan's preschool daily notes home and my little superheros from our drive back from Nashville...

 A couple of pics of Evan and us celebrating his first New Years and in red, just random notes/thoughts from this week. I keep a notebook by my  bed to jot stuff down at the end of the day...otherwise I'd forget. I also send texts to myself in order to remember :) resolutions

Our New Years day dinner clan at the Morrisons...

I love looking and reading all of the other people's Project Life pages who are completing them...mine are going to look completely different. They probably won't be as snazzy, use as many stickers or journaling, etc and that is okay. I'm just looking forward to documenting our week at a time. Remembering this moment of our lives and the everyday happenings. :)