Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas in Indy...part 1

We headed to Indy to see Dan, Amanda, and the kids and we had such a great time. We had a wonderful visit with them...watching the six kids play and us grown ups getting a chance to catch up and chat was much needed. As usual, here's a ton of pictures from our trip! :)

 Playing Uno MOO
 Aiden looking for his name of the cute!

 Building things :) A huge train track was also put together fun watching all of the kids (big kids too) play and interact and get along :)

 One of my faves before opening presents...

 Birthday stats :) Here's a closer look...

 I made the girls a birthday page per birthday and each year I'll just make a digital copy and they can place in their own album. I am doing it for my boys as well...and making one for Aiden and Ethan. And Amanda...we won't talk about why Madison has more...right?!?! :) Ha!
Below is the other tissue paper canvas art I did. :)

 Aiden and Ethan did such a great job sharing their new toys with Evan...

Stay tuned for part 2. :)