Monday, October 31, 2011

last few days at hospital...

Thankfully we are home now, but I wanted to jot down our last few days at the hospital before I forget.

 This was taken after changing the dressing on his PICC line. It was awful...I'm glad it's done. Hate having to hold him down (as well as two other nurses helping).

 Alex came up for a visit :)

 Since the PICC line is in and he finally started drinking chocolate milk, he didn't have to stay attached to the iv line anymore. Freedom!

 Rocking with Me-Maw before leaving for the night.

 Mike's parents brought up dinner for us and Evan was feeling pretty good. He got to play and seemed like his old self again :)

 Finally...ready to leave! Staying almost a week at the hospital took it's toll on all of us. It's hard being there and definitely harder when your own child is sick and can't comprehend why he's there. When we said it was time to go home...he looked at us and was so excited...he screamed "outside!" We said, yes, we get to go outside. He was so so happy (as were we!).

Thank you again to all of our friends and family that prayed and left messages on here and facebook. They definitely helped brighten our days knowing that you were all thinking of us. As soon as Evan gets the picc line out and if off the antibiotics, we are going to go back up (bring goodies...treats and toys) for the staff, doctors and nurses, as well as the other patients and their families). We want to continue to pray for "baby Jo-Jo" and another little baby. They were still there when we left. One of the first nights, Evan was concerned with a crying baby down the hall...he thought it was Alex, so Mike said, that it was Baby Jo-Jo. So, every time she would cry, he said baby Jo-Jo crying...It helped him realize that other kids were there and that is wasn't Alex. She was always crying unless she was sleeping....we didn't know what was wrong with her, but hopefully the doctors will figure it out and she'll be better soon. There was also another little baby who had some sort of brain surgery too, who we hope gets better soon. It's a tough place to thank you for praying, helping, calling, texting, messaging, etc. We definitely appreciate it!