Friday, July 8, 2011

part 2

It was HOT over the 4th, so heading to the pool was definitely in order. Alex dressed for the occasion :)
The first day we were there, Evan did okay, but by the second day, he was a lot braver and loved jumping in with Mike and going under. It was really cute to watch. Thankfully the whining in the beginning of both swim days didn't last too long ;) I do have video to show too, hopefully I'll be able to get that up by this weekend too!

 Fireworks were a must! We didn't let them stay up that night and see any night time fireworks, so sparklers and smoke bombs were the only ones we did :) Evan kept repeating "bye smoke" as it was drifting away.

A great weekend with great friends! Thanks so much Ryan and Heather for having us! We can't wait to see you guys soon!


lina said...

Looks like a great time! Love the picture of Evan checking out the goat :)