Saturday, July 23, 2011

Growing Up

Tuesday during nap time, Evan decided to climb out of his crib. I was putting Alex down (Evan had been in his crib for about 15 minutes) and I hear a thud and the loudest wail I've ever heard. I rush in and see Evan sitting in the middle of his floor with the biggest crocodile tears. He was crying, saying ouch, and wanting a hug from his momma. I pick him up and start rocking him. He was repeating "on top" over and over...Once he calmed down, I explained that we don't climb on top because he could get hurt. I felt bad...but after some hugs and kisses and rocking, he went down for his nap. I texted Mike and told him we needed to take the side of his crib off for bedtime that night. He only tried getting out three times that night (because of his stuffed animals and blanket that he threw out).  Since then, he's been going down great. For nap time the next day, it took 2.5 hours, but he only tried to get out once because he threw his blanket out. Then 30 minutes. We are both excited that he isn't trying to climb out...and hopefully will stay this way. We did take him to get his leg/ankle checked out on Thursday because he started limping/walking on his tiptoe. Thankfully, everything was okay and nothing was broken from his fall.


Tamara said...

he IS growing up, Kasey!!! I can't believe he is already in his toddler bed!!!!! He really is growing like a weed. Such a cute story!!!

Laura Kurz said...

He looks so big!!! Charlie still loves his crib...and we're keeping him in there until he figures out the climbing. Which hopefully won't be until he's in kindergarten. Ken suggested moving him before the baby comes...I'm like, "So we can have TWO kids up in the middle of the night?" Hope you guys are well!!