Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Five

1. The second time around I am much more relaxed about having a newborn and I love it. Mike and I are not as stressed out about having a little one and are just enjoying Alex and how much he completes our family.

 2. Evan has definitely grown into his "2's" :) He is hilarious and challenging all in one. More on our bedtime/naptime fiasco in another post...He definitely puts a smile on our face most of the time and Mike and I are learning how to parent a 2 year old...a very stubborn 2 year old! ;)

3. It seems I blink and this guy gets bigger and longer every day. can he be 2.5 months already!

 4. I got to take senior pictures for a dear friend's daughter and we had such a great day! She is gorgeous!    (I can't believe she is a senior this year...I met her when she was in 6th grade!)

5. I will post more pics from our Fair night soon too...we had a great time and Evan even rode his first roller coaster and pony. :)