Sunday, June 12, 2011

Race day

The St. Louis Race for the Cure was this Saturday and Barb's Team had over 50 family and friends walking to help find a cure. It definitely was a good time, but still sad because we all miss Barb so much. Throughout the race I got a bit emotional a couple of times...

Last year's race we had 20 family members so I was thrilled when we had so many people this year. I'm proud of Mike, my sister, brother, and their friends Patrick and Christy who ran this year. They each had great times, especially considering how hilly the course is.  Thanks to my mom also for helping me push that big 'ol double stroller until Mike came back to find us while we were walking.

 Can you believe these girls?!!! I can't believe how fast they've grown up! They were the flower girls at our wedding!!!!!!! Such great girls and I love them to pieces! :)


 One of the emotional parts of the race is walking up the first small hill. The crowd starts to slow down a little until you get to the top you don't really know why....until you see people raise their cameras and cell phones to take a picture of the thousands and thousands of people walking.

 It really is breath-taking...all of these people affected by cancer in one way or another. Some are survivors. Some just diagnosed. Some walking in memory of someone. Some just walking to help find a cure. Regardless of the is an inspiring moment and something I'm proud to be a part of to help find a cure.