Saturday, June 25, 2011

New 4

Our last day :(
Had a lazy mom and I decided to walk down to where they tape The Today Show. We walked in and just hung out and watched the different people for about 15 minutes. It was almost 9 am and one of the workers said, Matt, Anne, and Al would be out shortly. So we stayed to at least get a glimpse of them.

 The funny part was there were 4 ladies in front of us and when Matt, Anne, and Al went down to the other end, they decided to follow them down there to try and get on tv. My mom and I stayed where we were and Al came walking down the aisle, shaking hands, and saying hello. Anne was across the way and Matt was somewhere else saying hello. It was very cool how much they interacted with the audience.

 All of a sudden, Al stopped, the camera guys and the tv was wheeled up and Al just started talking and doing the weather! It was crazy. I didn't think he would talk to us, but I guess having a 6 week old cute baby draws anyone in! ;) Yes, I definitely used Alex for bait to get on tv!

 Here's the'll probably have to turn up your volume. Thanks to my Aunt PJ for taping it for us! I'm just bummed the camera guys didn't get my mom on there too!

 Definitely a cool experience!

After that, we headed back to the hotel, packed up and just relaxed before heading to the airport.

Bye NYC! Till next time :)

There was an airplane traffic jam...

 I'm just glad that this was NOT an accident and was not at our airport. And I was definitely glad to get home to see this little guy and my big guy! :) I missed them...