Friday, June 24, 2011

New 3

Day 3...Sunday morning was gorgeous. We headed to Central Park and had a great time seeing all of the different people relaxing in the grass, drinking coffee that morning. Lots of people were reading, sunbathing, and just sitting in the grass watching others walk by. It was definitely very peaceful. Once we got into the park where you couldn't see any buildings (or hardly any buildings) or hear any of the car horns, it was so quiet and felt like you were in the countryside. Definitely a great place to be!

Love that there is a carnival/fair inside the park too!

Took in an afternoon softball game...

Walked down "the mall"

Where a part of Enchanted was filmed!  "How do you know that she loves you?!" Anyone else remember that part? ;)

Watched this man scare this little boy when he put money in his bag...not on purpose, but definitely made the kid jump!

That evening we went to Rockefeller Center and went to the "top of the Rock" It was such an unbelievable view. You could see everything!

Do you see Times Square in the below picture??? It's almost right in the middle of the picture...

See how little it looks?!

But when you are down there, it looks huge!

With Matthew and Uncle Mark :)

beautiful sunset...


Anonymous said...

i love it! i have so many of the same pictures!

i cannot believe you were on the today show! we went over there on monday morning, but were a little too late to get let in. we did see ann curry on the sidewalk, though. kind of neat. :)