Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New 1

35 family members leaving St. Louis headed for New York....surprisingly it went smoothly! We all made it on time and had a great flight. Ready for our weekend in New York and for Matthew's opening of Nitehawk Cinema. It officially opens this Friday! So excited and proud of him!

 Bye St. Louis! Can you see the Arch???

 some great clouds during the flight

Hello NYC!
Do you see the white-ish looking building with blue construction at the top? That is where they are re-building the twin towers. They are still finishing the memorial, but it should be a great tribute to those heroes that lost their lives.

 great view of central park...

hang on!!! Cabbies are nuts!

 Once we got to the hotel and unpacked we headed out towards Times Square.

We had a great dinner at Bubba Gumps while watching the people walk through Times Square...definitely fun to see all of the people, lights, and cars/taxis.

Besides the look on his face, he did fantastic throughout the whole weekend. Traveled great, slept great, and was such a good boy so mommy could have fun and enjoy the weekend!

More to come soon!!!