Monday, June 27, 2011

A lately

Alex is growing SO fast! I have already had to put away his 0-3 month clothes. It makes me so sad at how fast the time is flying by. He's become a much better sleeper lately (unless he gets over tired) and usually goes down around 9:30-10 pm and wakes up around 2 am, 5:30 and then around 7:30 am. Alex is still sleeping in his car seat and bassinet. He doesn't really like to lay flat all that much. I know it will get easier and he won't be in that car seat forever :) He is getting stronger with his holding his neck up and is practicing the moves to roll over. I bet it will still be awhile until he rolls over, but he's getting there. He is starting to "talk" more and loves noise to pay attention to as well as needing the noise to sleep! Thank goodness Evan helps in that department. :) I can't believe Alex is already 6 weeks old! Enjoy some recent pics and video!