Tuesday, June 7, 2011

easy, not so easy, and the cuteness

 I want to be able to remember these first few weeks with two kiddos :) 

Not so easy:

  • Knowing that Alex doesn't like to sleep unless he is in your arms, chest, or the car seat (this makes night time not the best) 9-11 pm is not the best time around here
  • He's either eating, sleeping, or crying or getting "loved" on by Evan
  • Typing with one hand :)
  • Knowing that he won't be this age again and most likely this is our last baby...makes me sad
  • Not being able to really play with Evan while I am holding/nursing Alex
  • Having Alex in the swing and Evan going over to "help" :)
  • Being able to get outside because of these nasty cicadas!

  • being able to let the laundry and cleaning go until we get a routine. Thankfully Mike is definitely super-dad getting that done when/if needed
  • Mike taking Alex on his 10 pm car ride to get him to sleep and then keeping him in the car seat in our room. He sleeps until 2:30ish this way. :) Definitely a nice chunk of sleep for momma!
  • Cooking dinner with the baby  in the baby bjorn
  • Knowing that this age/stage won't last forever
  • Watching Evan "talk" to his "baby"
  • Being a family of 4