Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What should've been...the happy and the sad

  • Dear Alex, today was your due date, but you decided to join us and the world one week early. Today you woke up early, nursed, and went back to sleep till around 8:30. You did great last night too. Let's hope that keeps up! This morning you heard your big brother saying "baby" over and over and Evan wanted to see you right away. You stirred a little when he yelled baby, but then went right back to sleep. Today you were given lots of kisses and as we celebrated your 1 week birthday. We've realized how complete you make our family and how incredibly lucky we are to have you. We love you Alex James.

And here's my 40 week belly shot :) Ha!

  • Today should have been just another day in May, but the 18th, today, is the 1 year anniversary of Aunt Barb being gone. It doesn't seem possible that 1 year can go by so quickly, missing someone so badly. She was full of joy, laughter and always had a huge smile on her face and that is something that I miss on this day the most...We love you and miss you Aunt Barb. xoxo