Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Update

Another busy weekend! I thought time during summer was supposed to be relaxing, but we've been very busy. Evan and I headed to St. Louis. This weekend we were celebrating Kelli's birthday, Jen's bachelorette party (Mike was supposed to go to the bachelor party at the Lake...more on that later), and then my Uncle Dean's surprise 50th birthday.

Friday:  Got into town and headed downtown to visit my mom's work and so she could show Evan off! :) We also walked across the street to the City Garden. I can't wait to remember to bring a suit next time so Evan can play!

Still loving his new carseat!

I had a Scentsy catalog party for my friend Sherry and while we finished up the orders, Emerson and Evan decided to give googly eyes to each other :)

Saturday: Playing in the yard with Grandpa, getting into the dirt, falling over in the grass....typical boy stuff! :)

Not another picture mom...geez!

Opening presents and celebrating Kelli's birthday!

Tickle was hilarious to watch!

Jen and Chris are getting married soon! Mike was supposed to go to the Lake with the bachelor guys on a boat all day and then to party cove...well, he woke up Saturday and was very sick, so decided not to go. I'm glad he didn't....being sick and on a boat = no fun for anyone! Jen's bachelorette party was great. We ate a Japanese restaurant in St. Louis and then headed down to The Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square. We had many laughs and it was a great time! I definitely want to go back to the chocolate bar was delicious!

Sunday: Getting ready for my Uncle Dean's surprise 50th birthday. We ran around all morning getting last minute things completed and packed up the car since Evan and I were leaving from the party to head home. We missed Mike and Jack and I know they missed us too. Dino was SO surprised and we had fun laughing at the gag gifts, playing the noodle game and enjoying family time.

Playing the noodle game....2 teams lined up and you have to pass the noodle from person to person using only your legs. It's hilarious! :)

The three one year olds playing :)

Whew! Thanks for making it to the bottom! :)