Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 11: 9th grade

9th grade...1993-1994. Freshman year.
I was very excited to be starting high school, especially a newly built high school. We were the second class, the class of '96 (who were sophomores when it opened) were the first graduating class. This year I got to ride to school with sophomores who were on the soccer team and I was pumped that I didn't have to ride the bus! I loved every single thing about school. My friends, teachers, and even the homework...I'm such a nerd! :) 

Freshman year was also when I had my first real boyfriend...His name was also Kacy, which was definitely kind of funny. Our friends called us KC squared. He was a super nice guy and loved sports as much as I did! Him, Krista and I hung out and it was usually us 3 (and Krista's date) to head off to the freshman dances.

Can't believe I wore this dress.....and the hair! ugh! :)

I played softball, basketball, and soccer my freshman year (plus my travel, J.B. Marine team). I loved it...I loved being busy and staying focused on sports and my academics. Freshman softball I played shortstop but we were awful...our record was 2-6. Not too good!

Freshman basketball....our team was not much better than our softball team, but I had fun! Our record was a little better 6-12 and I played point guard.

I played junior varsity soccer my freshman year and playing the JV schedule, our team was 18-1. We played against the varsity during the state tournament, so I think our record was outstanding. I was #12 and played sweeper (the last defender) and yes, during some of our practices, we were silly! I can't believe that picture actually made it into the yearbook!

Our annual family Christmas Eve party!!!!
I remember being SO excited that my braces were finally off!

In the back of all of my yearbooks, I wrote down everything that I did that year. My dad thought it would be a good idea when I sent my information/resume to colleges to earn a soccer scholarship. Looking back, I'm SO glad that I wrote everything down. (even the way that I wrote my name back then!)

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Pepper said...

Wow that was cool that you wrote everything down! I have some of it written in my scrapbook, but only what I could remember recently.

You really loved sports! Do you still play any kind of sports?

MommaHarms said...

Writing everything down is a great idea! And how nice that you ahve such a good memory of your first boyfriend. I hope it ended well.