Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Five

  1. Dan and Amanda are putting down their beloved golden retriever, Jackson, down tonight. He is 10 years old and they found out that he has had cancer and his quality of life is diminishing. Everyone is heartbroken...he is family and will be greatly missed. The girls are writing letters to him today...I'm glad we'll be able to see them tomorrow to give them great big hugs.
  2. Tomorrow we'll be in sunny Florida. I'm so excited to see sun, warm weather and hang out with family.
  3. Evan and I went to his first music and me class today. Music Together is excellent and I would highly recommend it! He loved it and was squealing, watching the bigger kids, and banging on the instruments. 
  4. Reading lots of books lately....just finished House Rules and I must say Jodi didn't disappoint. Great read. Next on my list, Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas.
  5. Need to finish packing....Happy Friday everyone!
We'll miss you Jackson! You can now have all the socks you want in heaven....xoxo


Dan and Amanda said...

Way to make me bawl my eyes out!!!!! ;) doesn't take much today anyway! Thanks for posting about him. I really have been wanting to today, but can't... See you all soon