Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feb. Goals (Top 10 Tues)

I posted some goals I wanted to get done in the month of February...Let's see how I did. :) I need to come up with my list for March...maybe I'll get to that tomorrow!

  1. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements...fail. still working on this. slowly but surely I'll get there!
  2. Scrapbook at least 15 pages of Evan's year so far...check! I just need to print them. I did them on the computer from How Fast Time Flies.
  3. Get the bathroom sanded and repainted...check!
  4. Copy the family ancestry photos I borrowed from my Great Aunt Hattie...check!
  5. Clean up the basement and get it organized...Check! Still a few things to do, but much better!
  6. Get a binder to put all of  my recipes inside so they are organized :)...fail. still need to do this...shouldn't be too hard, I just need to find one lying around the house!
  7. Sign Evan up for the next round of swimming lessons...fail. still haven't done this...since he was sick for 3 weeks in Feb. I wanted to wait until he was better. I need to check their schedule and put this on my list for March
  8. Download and save my pictures and videos on my new external hard drive...check! Love my new hard drive :)
  9. Beat my husband in the trivia pursuit game on the PS3...fail...well, kind of. We actually haven't played this month. We did play Mario on the Wii and beat Mario 2 and 3! :)
  10. Get my haircut and highlighted...check. I have my appointment for this Thursday! So excited!
I think I did fairly well! 
6/10 isn't too bad!  Now I need to think of my March goals!


Tamara said...

So technically....you DIDN'T get your hair cut & highlighted in Feb. It's MARCH now, girl!!! ha ha ha....how does 5/10 sound? hmmmm....sounds like FAILURE! But you did get a heck of a book bibliography done in a matter of minutes...so good for you!!!