Thursday, May 21, 2009

30 reasons I am thankful

  1. Having a great family (my side and Mike's side!)
  2. Being able to stay at home next year with Evan
  3. Great memories growing up playing soccer with my friends
  4. Such an amazing husband
  5. The best dog ever, Jack
  6. College friends whom I love dearly and wish lived closer!
  7. My health...even after 10 surgeries!
  8. My blog friends, some who I have met and others who I haven't...yet!
  9. For having a smooth pregnancy and loving every minute...yes, even getting sick!
  10. My love of reading
  11. Scrapbooking and turning my pictures into memories forever
  12. Having great teachers who influenced me to become a teacher
  13. Getting my masters ELL grant and not paying for my masters degree
  14. My dad for making me work so hard at soccer growing up so I could get a full ride to FIU
  15. My mom for showing me that hard work pays off and how to give to others
  16. Starting a blog to help me remember all the great memories throughout the year!
  17. My sister for sharing a room with me and teaching me the alphabetical order States song
  18. My brother for always keeping me on my toes and throwing cheese into the fan when we were younger! ;)
  19. Being able to visit most of the US states with my family for soccer tournaments, such great memories!
  20. American Idol. Lost. Scrubs. Grey's Anatomy. Biggest Loser. The Office.
  21. A great backyard to eventually put up a swing set! :0)
  22. Wonderful friends...way too many to count!
  23. A great marriage and a hubby who loves to travel!
  24. Surprises and favorites!
  25. Being able to teach first class is graduating high school this year! gah!
  26. God and the lessons he has taught me
  27. My adorable nieces who make me smile! :) They are both amazing!
  28. Living in the Midwest to experience ALL 4 beautiful seasons
  29. The small daily happenings that make life worth living
  30. Love and being able to celebrate my 30th!
As I turn 30 today I look back at everyone who has influenced my life and I am eternally grateful. From my parents, grandparents, siblings, family members, teachers, sports coaches, friends, and acquaintances I am forever thankful to you! Thank you for a great 30 years!


Kim said...

happy birthday!!!!

Nicole said...

What a great post!!