Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Present

I want to remember this so I better write it down! It seems lately my mind can't remember anything...On Christmas day Mike and I were headed back to Columbia because he had to work on the 26th. We were almost home and I was singing Christmas songs in the car. I felt something flutter, which felt like butterflies! I told Mike I think I just felt the baby soon as I said that, I felt it again! It was SO exciting. It is such a great feeling to be able to feel this little baby moving around inside me and it was definitely a great Christmas present!


Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

YAY! It was about 19 weeks when I felt Thomas move to. It's the best thing in the world and it just gets better. You are almost half way there, yippy!!

Abby Larson said...

Aw, I think I'm gonna cry! Just wait until she gets bigger, it never ceases to amaze!