Tuesday, April 1, 2008


  • Can you believe April 1st is already here? I had a few April Fools jokes played on me at school today....none as cute at Katie's though! I think I am still recovering from Chicago. I have been so tired and not really having a break since being back has finally caught up with me. Kim posted what she thought about everyone she met on the trip, and I wanted to recap everyone I met on the Blog World Meets Real World Trip too! Out of the 6 other girls, I only knew Heather and I had met Nicole twice before. It was great getting to meet LeeAnn, Maria, Kim and Leslie.

  • LeeAnn: I had been reading her blog since January, so it will be nice going back and reading her previous posts. LeeAnn and I shared a room and the first night I was SO cold that I had to get my hat, another pair of socks, and a sweatshirt. LeeAnn was kind enough to say that I should have just climbed in with her....since it was the first day that we had actually met, in the middle of the night I thought it would just scare her! She is very sweet and I loved taking pictures with her at legoland and getting to talk to her. She seems like the person I would hang out with alot if we lived in the same town, so it was nice getting to know her. Next time we all get together, I might just hop in bed with her if I get too cold! ha! :)

  • Maria: Maria is very new to the blogging world. She actually didn't have one coming into this trip. Nicole made her one...and hasn't even posted yet! She is going to have to get on that! Not knowing what Maria was like, I was glad that she was a sweet person. The Michigan girls all knew one another, and actually Heather knew all of them too....so meeting her was quite nice! She was very funny playing the games with and I had a great time talking to her. We were the only ones there without any kiddos, so I guess you could say we bonded over that....I can't wait till our next trip with her too!

  • Kim: Kim knew no one coming into this trip, so right off the bat, I knew she was a brave woman! Heather and I picked her up at the airport and headed back to the condo. She fit right in with all of us. I was so impressed with her coming on a trip not knowing anyone....I had such a good time getting to know her and I also love the fact that she is a baseball fan! The opening season started yesterday for those who don't know. Kim was such a fun person to be around and I had a great time playing games with her and chatting with her. Kim was a little bit quieter than I thought, but not knowing anyone, it was to be expected! Hopefully on our next trip there will be even more people that we all can meet.

  • Leslie: Out of all the girls, Leslie was the one who was the most different from her blog. I thought she was a quiet person....and that was SO not the case! She was fun to be around and was very talkative and had a lot of great things to say. Leslie was a happy go lucky person who LOVED to shop! She was a lot of fun when we were playing games and I definitely couldn't keep up with her during our Saturday shopping trip. She has a TON of energy!

  • Nicole: such a trooper being SO pregnant! We had such a great time being the last 2 walkers of the group. I remember laughing so hard and her saying stop, otherwise she would pee in her pants! :) I had a such a great time with her and I can't wait till we all get together again. Remember Nicole, if you ever need help, don't yell bomb!!!! ;) I hope Hudson gets here soon so we can meet him and also so you can get your body back and not being in so much pain!

  • Heather: was a great driver partner. I loved actually getting to sit and talk with her for 10 hours...usually when we get together we have husband and kids or dogs in tow. It was very nice and relaxing. I also loved the fact that we could sit and talk or not talk and still feel okay. There was no uncomfortable silences. It was fun shopping through Ikea and I can't wait till we go back this summer so I can actually get things this time! I'm so excited! I am so glad for Heather getting me started with blogging so I could go on the trip to meet all these wonderful girls....

  • Things I realized about myself....
  • I am a lot more outgoing to strangers than I thought (returning LeeAnn's wrap at Al's, asking someone to take our pictures, etc.)
  • I have a quirky habit that I do with my hand when taking pictures....I actually put it on someone's shoulder (*gasp!*) ha ha nicole!
  • I don't have the stamina to shop all day like I used to.
  • I LOVED meeting these girls from the blog world! I can't wait till our next trip!!!


Nicole said...

I love your little recap! I love reading everyones... I think I remember something new each time I read another persons blog about our trip! Definitely fun.

Thanks for hanging back with my hobbly, gimpy ass while walking :) I can't wait until next years trip.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this! So fun. Yes, I am TOTALLY quiet when I first meet people. I'm not really that shy... or I probably wouldn't have came along... but I do tend to just hang back a little bit and let other people talk until I get to know them better. I admire that about you, that you are outgoing with people you don't know! You are so cute!

Oh and I'm totally laughing about 'the hand'... HAHA!

Leslie Collins said...

Kasey...Yes, I do love to shop. I normally don't go that overboard. You should have seen all my bags at the outlet. You thought Chicago was bad. :)

I had a great time with you this weekend. I look forward to doing it again.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I have been blogging forever, not sure why I never read your blog until reading about the Chicago trip. Next year I hope to be part of the girls weekend in chicago!

lina said...

Great re-cap! Sounds like it was a well blended group.
I will have to go back through the pictures & look for the awkward hand thing, or was it always a re-take?? HA!