Sunday, April 6, 2008


What gorgeous weather we had this past weekend. Spring is finally here! Mike had to work all weekend, but I went to St. Louis to hang out with my family, the Morrisons, and the Malones. Sat. night I stayed with Ryan and Heather and had a bbq while my mom watched Jack for me. Thanks Mom! Ryan bbq'd steaks and we ended up played a few rounds of Nertz...which I lost every game! Sunday, Yuri was dedicated at their church and Mike and Erin had friends and family over afterward to BBQ and celebrate. It was great to catch up with their family and our friends. Ryan and Heather, thanks for letting me spend the night. Mom, thanks for watching Jack and Mike and Erin, I am glad I was there to support you guys! Here are a few pics from the weekend....hopefully spring is here to stay!


NNA said...

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