Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I got this from heather's blog. another nice, mindless meme.

  • Where...
  • is your cell phone? in my school bag, on the floor.

  • is your significant other? driving to go pick up Brooklyn style pizza from Dominos.

  • is your hair? on my head...and it's very staticky today.

  • is your mother? probably at work in STL or in her car on the way home.

  • is your father? probably at home in STL or working in the yard.

  • is one of your favorite things? this ice pack laying on my back and of course, my family

  • was your dream last night? hmmmmm. I think it was something about summer and not teaching.

  • can you get your favorite drink? TGI Friday's...the Raspberry Lemonade.

  • are you right now? on my couch in the living room.

  • is your ex? not sure....

  • is your fear? losing someone i love.

  • do you want to be in 6 years? with family and raising kiddos.

  • were you last night? at a school math meeting till 7 and then at my house looking for some papers for our realtor.

  • was the last place you drove? to pick up Mike across town because the Cavalier decided to break down today...argh!

  • did you grow up? Fenton, MO

  • was the last place you ate? Dominos.

  • is (are) your TV(s)? one tv in the bedroom, one in the living room and 1 downstairs

  • are your pets? Jack is laying on the kitchen floor snoring away...

  • is your computer? on my lap

  • is your mood? tired and a little cranky considering our lawn mower, water heater, and car all decided to stop working in the last couple of days...boo :(

  • is your oldest friend? hmmm. Oldest as in had the longest is my sister Kelli and my oldest as in age friend is someone who I teach with...she's in her 60's and is hilarious.

  • is your car? Focus is driving to Dominos with Mike driving and the Cavalier is at the shop figuring out what is wrong with it....

  • is your wedding ring? on my left ring finger.

  • is your favorite store? that's a tough one....Target is by the mall across town

  • is your favorite place to be in the summer? anywhere but school

  • was the last place you laughed? right here at home with Mike trying to make me laugh and he does a good job with that!

  • was the last place you cried? at the movie watching Baby Mama....a great movie that made me happy and sad....

  • are five places you go on the internet on a regular basis? -google reader, yahoo, cnn, webmail for my school mail, and people.com


jenny said...

this post made me hungry for domino's pizza! :)