Monday, April 21, 2008

Maniac Monday

  • It seems all I've had lately are crazy busy days....does everyone have these since spring is here? Hopefully I'll be able to relax soon! :)
  • Tutoring this morning (tomorrow is our last one...I'm tired of waking up at 5:15 to get ready for school)
  • A meeting about our sped. teacher and one of our kiddos
  • putting math test scores in the computer
  • a headache about a leadership conference that some of my kids will get to go to in the fall and others in my class hearing about it and getting hurt feelings.
  • fertility doctor appt. For some reason, I am still spotting and I never spot. I've been to the doctor Friday and Monday and he said it is a cyst that is a little bit larger and it is producing hormones where my body still thinks I'm on my period. But....I've NEVER had this...never spotted, never had a cyst, etc. So, now I'm not sure what's going on. The bad news is that he says since this is happening, I probably won't ovulate this month...which again, has also never happened. And that means, no artif. insem. this month.....bummer.
  • a fellow teacher was gone today and her sub was one of my kiddos' mom. Some of those kids were not so nice to her today so I tried to help. Complete disrespect, attitudes, fights, cursing in class, etc. She even had to go meet with the principal and and one of the student's dads because he was suspended for tomorrow for she might not sub again in that class. :(
  • Basketball practice after school.....
  • Chiropractor after that....

  • Some of the highlights were reading a new poetry book to my class, eating a great dinner with Mike, playing catch with Jack, and also playing scrabble (which I won!) against Mike.
  • I hope your Monday went well! :)