Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last night....

Once a month a bunch of girls get together to play Bunco. Have you heard of it? I had never heard of this dice game until about a year ago. We play once a month and our group of girls have been getting bigger and bigger. Last night there were almost 20 gals there. We each bring a dish to eat and we pitch in $5. Last night the pot was over $100 and there are different ways to win money. Last night I almost won $25 dollars. :) I had the last bunco (3 sixes on each of the die) so that got me $5. Then, there was a 4 way tie for even-steven (I had 9 wins and 9 losses) so since there were 3 others we had a roll-off. I rolled a 5 and my friend Lisa rolled a 6, so she won! It is a great time to be able to get together and hang out, meet some new people and catch up with old ones. :) What do you do to keep in touch with friends and get together? Do you see me in my new glasses? What do ya think?!


Anonymous said...

Your new glasses are super cute!!

I've been playing bunco for awhile now... once a month... there's 16 of us, we each picked a month to host for 16 months and the host makes all the food. We pitch in $5 too. It's a really good time!