Friday, April 25, 2008

50's Sock Hop Night

Tonight was perfect! We had so much fun at the 5th grade sock hop. I had a blast watching my students interact, play games, have fun, and dance. They loved it...their parents loved it, and I loved it. They were TOO cute! My favorite quote of the night was "Mrs. Laughlin, you look like a little girl!" It was hilarious! :) The party was from 6:30-8:30 and was broken up into 30 minute increments so kids weren't all over the place. The first 30 minutes, the kids got to pick where they wanted to go. They had the soda shop, Elvis hand jive and "Elvis says", they also got 2 tickets to get their pictures taken in the photography "room". They had a ring toss and also bowling with empty soda bottles. The 2nd half hour they did the twist, hand jive, and the limbo. There was also a raffle, which the kids earned tickets the last month for turning their homework in and their behavior. They loved that their teachers also came out onto the dance floor to dance too. We switched up again and did the same games/soda shop/pictures and then ended the party with a hula hoop contest, class pictures and the electric slide and cha cha slide. It was such a great night and I loved knowing that we were creating memories for them for the rest of their lives. It was simply amazing...below are some of the 115 pictures I took tonight! Happy weekend...finally, it's here! :)


Anonymous said...

so cute! it looks like they had a great time. i love seeing events like this at schools when so many teachers are there to make it happen. good for you!

lina said...

What an awesome idea for a dance! Everyone looked so great & I liked your pics w/ the wig :)
Looked like a fun time that even the parents got involved it too.