Saturday, March 15, 2008


So I finally got the cortisone steroid shot in my spine yesterday. And yes, it hurt....and still hurts today. I am hoping that it starts feeling better because we are going to STL for my grandma and dad's birthdays. Supposedly, they say the shot could work immediately, within 3-5 days or as long as 30 days. Great. Way to give a good time span there. :) I am hoping I am in the 3-5 day group. We have 1 more week before spring break starts and I am so excited. Heather and I will be leaving to go to Chicago on Thursday morning so we can have time to look around Ikea. I've never been there and I'm sure we are going to have lots of fun! I definetely need this break! Hope you have a great weekend!


heather said...

You're awfully smiley for being in a hospital bed...
Hope you're feeling great soon!!

Anonymous said...

You are a trooper Kasey!!!
Amie R

lina said...

Here's hoping it works for you! Back pain can be the worst!
My husband has had two of the spinal cortisone shots (they were over 6 years ago) & it did seem to give some relief. He has degenerative discs & we weren't comfortable w/ the surgery or the doctor, so we went for a 2nd opinion w/ another Neurosurgeon @ the U of M & he was wonderful & spent so much time w/him & ended up sending Kevin to a spine clinic w/ a prscription for therapy, exercise, etc. Told him he was too young & too in shape to take that road & until it was broke, just don't try to fix it!
Keep us posted & hope it works!