Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's have a positive

I definitely need to post something positive today....because
  1. I didn't get my cortisone shot today because I haven't started my period yet and I guess I could be pregnant even though I think I'm not. But it is better to be safe then now it is on Friday.
  2. On the way home, my car overheated and started smoking. Great. Good thing Mike was with me. We got the car towed and now will just have to wait and see what the damage it.
  3. My back hurts...alot.

So....I am going to write down 10 positives from the past couple of days... :)

  1. I love my husband...he's had 3 days off and has been meeting me each day to go to the doctor and wait while they do all these tests
  2. Jack is hilarious. We've got three annoying little dogs next door who bark constantly. He was just sitting outside watching them go crazy.
  3. Talking to my sister in law, Amanda, after she had eye surgery last week. I am SO glad she is doing better!
  4. Getting to pick out free jewelry from hosting a jewelry party on Saturday.
  5. Enjoying this AWESOME weather. It's been beautiful!
  6. Getting excited to go to Chicago with Heather and other girls for the Blog World meets Real world trip! I need it SO bad!
  7. So thankful for my student teacher who has been covering my class these past few days.
  8. Good friends, great emails/calls from them, and all of the wonderful blog comments.
  9. A great class of 23 students...they are amazing and compassionate and have lots of empathy.
  10. Glad the doctors finally figured out what is wrong so I can start getting better and exercising. I need to get back in shape..... :)

I hope your week is going well!


Nicole said...

So you want to join me in the car problems department, huh? LOL! Sorry you're having such a bad week! Glad you can look at all the positives- what a great outlook :)

heather said...

Thinking positive thoughts for you too Kase!!
And lots of prayers!
Love you
(and I cannot wait for the Chi trip too!!)

Amy said...

now you are an optimist, my friend. you have a lot more positives than negatives! i'll be routing for you that those negatives turn postive! best wishes!