Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good/Bad parts

Here are the bad and good parts of the day yesterday and today....
  • Bad: Got another phone call from FIU trying to get my transcripts sent in. Great, on the phone for 40 minutes with Rosa, who didn't understand English....Now I remember why I left Miami....
  • Good: Called Sprint to take care of our bill and add the $5 per month text messaging. Found out that we have a $250 credit that they are applying for the next 2 months bills because we are valued customers! woohoo!

  • Bad: Up late watching the Biggest Loser (we taped it) because we watched American Idol.
  • Good: Completely inspired by their stories and hoping once my back/legs get better, I can get on a fitness routine to get my muscles back.
  • Bad: Legs cramping because I've been drinking soda with lots of caffeine
  • Good: Headache gone from drinking caffeine (from my cortisone shot, they told me to drink lots of caffeine....
  • Bad: Back hurts more than it did before my shot
  • Good: My cold/flu is almost gone
  • Bad: Rainy the last few days....our backyard looks like a mudball
  • Good: Sunny this afternoon and at least there is NO snow! :)
  • Bad: Still have 2 more days before spring break
  • Good: 2 more days till spring break and game night Friday! :)


Amy said...

Hope your back feels better soon!