Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've been trying to finish the application for the Master's program and I've hit a road block. I have all the past school information, etc. The problem is when I try to get my transcripts sent to MU. I look online at Florida International's website and found out where to download the form to fill out to request one. Of course, I click on the link for it to open and it doesn't open. I call the number to request a transcript and she tells me because I graduated in 2002, that I am supposed to go through this other site. So....I follow all the directions to find the other site. I enter all the necessary information to find my panther id and password. I try typing it in....3 times. Does it work? nope. So...I call the help desk. The lady is talking to me like I'm stupid. She walks me through everything I just did. I tell her I've already done this. I get my panther id (again) and password (again). I try typing it in (with her on the phone) and I tell her it doesn't work. She asks for a bunch of information that she is typing into her computer and asks for my birthday. I tell her. She says...well, they have your birthday wrong. Ummm...why is this MY fault? I ask her if she can just tell me the birthday and I'll be on my marry way....I'm not too worried about them having the wrong's not like they'll send me a card on that day! ha! She tells me that they can't give me that kind of information and that I'll have to call registration. I call. They say the wait is too long and that I'll have to call back in 5 minutes. So I do that. Busy still. I try again...and yes, it's busy again. They say they are experiencing heavy call volume. Yeah right!Now I'm just annoyed......argh! It's 7:20 in Miami, who else would be calling???? I guess, maybe others who have the wrong birthday too!