Saturday, March 22, 2008

American Idol

In my class this year, we are again choosing who we think is going to be voted off each week. My students LOVE this! They pick who they think is getting voted off and with this, we talk about fractions and it is educational too! :) They love coming in Thursday morning to see who got it right and how many. Who do you think is the next American Idol???? Who do you want voted off??


amber marie said...

That's a great idea. What a fantastic way to get kids engaged and still teach them something at the same time! I wish I had learned fractions this way. I just had to look at pictures of fake pies and figure out what fraction of them were eaten. Boo. Keep up the good work!

lina said...

What a fun way to let the kids play along with the show.
My top 2 faves are David Archuleta & David Cook. I get a little bored with Ramiele Malubay & Jason Castro. Was glad to see rocker Amanda Overmyer go & mocker Kady Malloy too, that girl sang like she was in pain :)

Hope you have a great Easter!

Anonymous said...

This is an AWESOME idea! What a way to get kids motivated to practice math via something they love and watch all the time. What grade do you teach?