Monday, March 10, 2008

Accident Prone

I'm serious....I just need to stay in a bubble. I've been recovering from my ER trip on Thursday, so this past weekend I stayed on the couch because my legs were seriously weak and on fire, so I wanted to stay off them as much as possible. I made an appointment with my doctor for Tuesday and then they called back and wanted me to get an MRI of my spine on Monday to see whats going on with this sciatica stuff. Great. So...went back to work today and was actually excited because we have a full week and we have lots to do before spring break (which is 2 weeks away!). My legs were feeling okay and I had a coffee....there's not a better way to start the day! :) The students were coming in and I wanted to get the clock off the wall to change it because of daylight savings time. I put 1 leg up on my classroom stool to try and get the clock off the nail in the wall. On my way down, my ring on my right ring finger got caught on the top of the white board ledge and got stuck, while the rest of my body went to the floor. I had to step back on the ledge to get the ring and my finger down. I was SO glad that I didn't curse in front of my students....the only thing I could yell was OH MY WORD. I looked down and immediately saw blood on the backside of my finger and bruising around the middle knuckle. I took my ring off right away because it was swelling so bad. My ring looked like an egg instead of a circle. I went to get ice on it right away and then had to fill out worker's comp. stuff. I made an appointment to go get it x-rayed and the appointment was at 1:00. I thought I would make it to my MRI appointment at 3....boy was I wrong. Didn't get done until 3:45. I was not a happy camper. Since I have to see the doctor tomorrow for my back and legs, the ONLY time they could get me in to get the MRI is at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning. I was extremely cranky since the xray place took so freakin' long. Geez. Anyway, my finger isn't broken...I just strained the tendon and have to wear a brace/splint for a week and then go back and probably wait another 3 hours to have him check it out. I should've stayed in bed least hopefully tomorrow will be better! I'll let you know how the MRI turns out.
I hope you had a better Monday.....What was YOUR favorite or best part of today? Enlighten me! :)


Swartzie said...

My good Monday news is that my car was acting up, and I took it onto the Honda dealer to get an estimate and find out what was wrong. Turns out what they thought might be the problem was actually something being activly recalled! I got it fixed for free, and it turns out, it was what was causing all the problems! I saved $600 today!

*verbal chicken soup for your finger*

Heather S. said...

I am so sorry you had a rough Monday! I hope the rest of your week goes a lot better!!!!

Nicole said...

OUCH!! How do you manage to do THAT? LOL!

I'm cracking up... you are so accident prone!