Monday, January 7, 2008

Severe Weather and our end of day

Had a great Monday....until 3:15 hit. We were supposed to get bad weather around 3, so I thought we had missed it. The tornado sirens started going off...we were working on nutrition and my kids say, "Why are the sirens going off? It's not the first Wednesday of the month is it?" NOPE! We headed into the library, ducked and tucked, and waited....and waited....and waited. About 25 minutes later, we let the kids sit up so they could breathe and waited some more. We were on a weather lockdown until 4:45. 1 and a half hours with 8 classes in the library....the kids actually did pretty well considering this was a real tornado drill. We had heard that a tornado was spotted in the area or maybe a little further south. We had a lot of students crying and me and the teachers did our best to keep them calm. I felt bad for them because I remember a tornado drill we had when I was in elementary school and we were on "lockdown" too and I remember crying and being really scared. The kids were pretty good until they realized they would get home late (since school usually gets out at 3:40 and we didn't get out until an hour after that) but cheered up once they realized they wouldn't have homework! There were a lot of smiles after that!At least we were locked down in the could have been a lot worse. We could have been locked down in the boys bathroom! Yuck! Below are some pictures from tonight... After 25 minutes...the kids finally got to sit up and get some air!


heather said...

Eww... I saw that you had all the warnings and watches out your way. Doesn't sound like a fun day! Glad everything went pretty well and you guys are all safe and sound!

Amy said...

wow! i guess it surely wasn't a boring day for you. that sounds scary. i am glad it all turned out well. take care!