Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My 2nd day...

Below are the top 10 reasons why school shouldn't be started on Jan. 2nd.

  1. 5 kids are absent...4 of those students and their parents went down to celebrate Mizzou's win at the Cotton Bowl. Jealous? I am.
  2. Went to get gas in my car this morning in the 8* weather. Friggin' cold!
  3. While getting gas, the gas tank overflowed...this has NEVER happened. So my shoes and the bottom of my left pant leg smelled like gasoline. gross!
  4. The gas station ran out of my favorite white chocolate hot chocolate....bummer!
  5. Having a student throw up in your thanks
  6. Having 2 kids fall asleep...zzzz....
  7. Realizing the gold fish that you hoped would have passed STILL alive after not having any food for 12 days.
  8. Having an 8 am meeting that you forgot about until another teacher comes in to remind you.
  9. Realizing that you have a math meeting on Friday morning from 8-12 and you need to do sub plans and enter their math scores before this so you can bring them with you.

and the top reason school shouldn't have started yet....

10. I'm still tired and wanted to hang out another day at home!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the gas spill and the lack of "hot white chocolate"'re cute!